5 Tips For Waterproofing Your Basement

There are many benefits of having a basement in your home. Some of these include allowing you additional space for your family activities or protection from a tornado or severe storm. However, the challenges of keeping this underground area free of water damage are significant. Knowing specific tips to assist you in accomplishing this goal is ideal. Tip #1: Check the foundation Taking the time to look at the foundation of your home is important in preventing water damage.

Sneaky Mould: 4 Surprising Places Where Mould Loves To Hide

The majority of homeowners understand the risk of mould developing behind and on drywall after a huge rainstorm comes in and floods the basement or after a plumbing pipe busts. However, mould can be sneakier than that and hide in a number of places that you probably would have never thought of. Mould needs a damp environment in order to thrive. Here are four unexpected areas in the home where a mould inspection needs to be done:

Fixing Your Basement After A Flood

If you have sustained significant water build up in your basement after a flood, you will need to work quickly in order to salvage your belongings. Leaving flood water to sit can cause damage to the structure of the building, so it will need to be removed as fast as you possibly can. Here are some instructions you can use to remove flood water and get your basement back to a livable condition.