5 Tips For Waterproofing Your Basement

There are many benefits of having a basement in your home. Some of these include allowing you additional space for your family activities or protection from a tornado or severe storm. However, the challenges of keeping this underground area free of water damage are significant. Knowing specific tips to assist you in accomplishing this goal is ideal.

Tip #1: Check the foundation

Taking the time to look at the foundation of your home is important in preventing water damage. It's ideal to ensure that dirt does lean toward the foundation of your home, but away from it. This can prevent moisture from building up and contributing to water damage in your basement over time.

Additionally, be sure to keep top dirt several inches away from the foundation for optimal results.

Tip #2: Consider plants and shrubs

Beautifying your home is sure to be ideal, and many people rely on plants and shrubbery to do this. However, when putting these items in place, be sure to plant several inches away from the foundation of your property to avoid having water enter your basement.

Tip #3:  Waterproof basement walls

It's important to use a sealer on the walls inside of your basement that works to prevent water from coming in this area. You can usually purchase the special type of sealer at your local hardware store for an affordable price.

Tip #4: Install a sump pump

Putting a pump in your basement that works to keep water out is ideal. These are known as sump pumps and can be an effective way to remove any excess water in the basement area effectively.

You will need to put a hole in your basement, and the pump will be placed in this area.

Tip #5: Repair cracks

Take the time to fix and cracks in the foundation or other exterior parts of your home. It's possible for water to get through these, and this could end up putting water in your basement.

Doing a thorough inspection of your property can easily help you identify problem areas that need to be fixed.

Getting the most use and enjoyment out of your basement is important to any homeowner. Creating this space was an additional expense, so you should be capable of using it. If you do find water in your basement, be sure to rely on the expertise of a damage contractor, like those at Paul's Basement Waterproofing, to help you get rid of it quickly.