Fixing Your Basement After A Flood

If you have sustained significant water build up in your basement after a flood, you will need to work quickly in order to salvage your belongings. Leaving flood water to sit can cause damage to the structure of the building, so it will need to be removed as fast as you possibly can. Here are some instructions you can use to remove flood water and get your basement back to a livable condition.

Grab And Go

When you look at the room for the first time after it has been flooded, you will most likely be shocked at the amount of water that can be floating in the area. Grab whatever items you think can be saved and place them outside away from any moisture. Turn large pieces of furniture upside-down so that any water inside will have a chance to drain.

Remove All Water

Turn off the power supply to your basement so you do not risk injury when working to remove the water. If you have an alternate power source that can be used, such as a car adapter with an extension cord, this will allow you to use a water pump to remove the water quickly.

If you do not have a power source, recruit some friends to help you remove the water from your basement with the use of buckets. Make sure everyone is wearing gloves, boots and waterproof clothing to help lessen the risk of exposure to mold spores and bacteria.

When taking the buckets out of the home, make sure they are dumped out far enough away from the sides of your home so it will not gain re-entry. After you have removed as much water as you possibly can using a pump or buckets, dry up any existing puddles with towels. 

Drying Your Basement

Drying time will most likely take several days since there was so much moisture in the room. Open up all windows and doors so you will be able to get a cross-ventilating air flow throughout the room. When power is restored, use area fans and dehumidifiers to help dry the rest of the room. Carpeting and drywall that has been saturated from the flood water should be removed, as they are known to harbor mildew and mold spores. 

Cleaning The Basement

When everything seems to finally be dry, clean every surface that was touched by flood water. This can be done with a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. Spray it everywhere and allow it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes before wiping it off. This will help to kill any bacteria that may have been left behind. Afterwards, use a mold and mildew cleaner to help keep spores from growing harmful substances in your basement. Click here to learn more from a go to site.